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Královské Vinohrady

Vinohrady is one of the most beautiful Prague districts and also one of the most prestigious addresses. It was originally a separate municipality named after the medieval vineyards which were located on south-western slopes, which were, at that time, behind the city walls. From the 1850s on, the residential development was on the rise and the town grew rapidly, until it was incorporated into Great Prague. One of the greatest upsides of Vinohrady is its proximity to the centre of Prague, excellent public transport accessibility and a large number of shops, restaurants, cafés and wine bars.


Strašnice is one of the best districts in Prague. It is the vicinity of the metro stop Strašnická. The municipality was mentioned as early as in the 12th and then in the 14th century, when there were three farmsteads. The owners included the Royal Chamber, the Old and New Town as well as private owners. Currently it contains mainly buildings from the beginning of the 20th century together with a few newer buildings. A great upside of Strašnice is a very good accessibility into the centre of Prague and at the same time life in a quiet neighbourhood.


The Vršovice settlement was established as the result of populating the Botič valley at the time when the first princely family took residence in Vyšehrad. The name itself was mentioned for the first time in 1088 in the foundation charter of the Vyšehrad Chapter which the settlement belonged to. Today Vršovice is one of the Prague neighbourhoods which are very good to live in.

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